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Prescott Crimes Against Property Lawyer

Prescott Crimes Against Property Lawyer


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    Prescott Property Crime Lawyers

    Understanding Property Crime Laws in Arizona

    Property crimes in Arizona carry severe penalties, including incarceration, fines, restitution, community service, and counseling. At TedLaw, our skilled legal team specializes in defending a wide range of property crimes, from theft to arson. Contact us today at (928) 776-1782 or fill out our online form for a free evaluation of your case.

    Vandalism / Criminal Damage

    Criminal damage, commonly known as vandalism, is outlined in ARS 13-1602. It involves knowingly and intentionally defacing or damaging someone else’s property. Examples include graffiti, egging a home, or tampering with a vehicle to impair its function.

    Criminal Trespass

    Criminal trespassing in Arizona is categorized into three degrees, with first-degree being the most severe. According to ARS 13-1502, third-degree criminal trespassing occurs when someone knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on real property, despite being asked to leave by law enforcement or the property owner, or when there is a posted notice prohibiting entry. In Prescott AZ, Third degree is a class 3 misdemeanor, second degree is a class 2 misdemeanor, and first degree is either a class 6 felony or class 1 misdemeanor.

    Property Theft

    Theft is a common property crime in Prescott, encompassing acts such as stealing from private or nonresidential premises, whether inside a structure or on the property itself. Chapter 18 of the Arizona Revised Statutes provides information on different types of theft offenses.


    Similar to trespassing, burglary is divided into three degrees in Prescott. As defined by ARS 13-1506, third-degree burglary is a class 4 felony and involves entering a private property with the intent to commit a felony (such as theft). Second-degree burglary, according to ARS 13-1507, is a class 3 felony. First-degree burglary, outlined in ARS 13-1508, is a class 2 felony and pertains to entering a private property with a dangerous weapon or deadly instrument with the intent to commit a felony.


    Arson, a property crime, is detailed in Chapter 17 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. It encompasses various offenses, including reckless burning (A.R.S. §13-1702), arson of a structure or property (A.R.S. §13-1703), and arson of an occupied structure (A.R.S. §13-1704).

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