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Prescott Fraud Lawyer


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    Expert Fraud Lawyer in Prescott, Arizona

    Protecting Your Rights

    When it comes to fraud laws and defending against fraud charges, our team has the knowledge and expertise you need.

    If you’re facing fraud charges brought by the State of Arizona or the federal government, the implications can be severe. Being accused of a crime, especially one as serious as fraud, can have a lasting impact on your job, livelihood, family, and future. Dealing with investigations or charges related to fraud is something we all hope to avoid.

    When confronted with fraud charges, indictments, or investigations, it’s crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side throughout the entire process. It’s important to remember that many fraud investigations cast a wide net that often ensnares innocent individuals, and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. At the Law Office of Ted Agnick, we understand how to navigate fraud investigations and charges, and we are dedicated to being your advocate and guide during this daunting experience.

    Understanding Fraud Charges

    Fraud is a broad term encompassing various allegations related to deceptive transactions. Generally, fraud involves (1) a deliberate misrepresentation, including material omissions, (2) through which a person gains a benefit. The benefit obtained doesn’t have to be in the form of money, and the crime may or may not require someone to rely on the misrepresentation or omission. In Arizona, for instance, fraud is defined simply in A.R.S. 13-2310, stating that anyone involved in a scheme to defraud or who knowingly obtains any benefit through false or fraudulent pretenses, promises, or material omissions is guilty of fraud, a class 2 felony.

    Types of Fraud Cases and Investigations

    The range of fraud charges at the state or federal level is extensive. In addition to straightforward fraud cases involving a few individuals with no government connection, they can include the following:

    1. Medicare Fraud: Typically involves knowingly making false statements or misrepresentations material to one’s entitlement to or payment under the Medicare program.
    2. Mail Fraud: Any scheme that uses the mail to defraud another person of money or property. This crime specifically requires the intent to defraud.
    3. Tax Fraud: Often involves willful and intentional falsification of information on a tax return to minimize personal or business tax liability. It can include underreporting income or overstating deductions.
    4. Fraudulently Obtaining Government Benefits: This involves unlawfully obtaining benefits such as food stamps, welfare, or unemployment benefits.
    5. Securities Fraud: This encompasses various crimes, including violations of federal securities laws, state Blue Sky laws, internet fraud related to securities, insider trading, accounting fraud, and Ponzi schemes.
    6. Bank Fraud: The range of bank fraud charges includes money laundering, check kiting, obtaining fraudulent loans, and check forgery, among others.
    7. Mortgage Fraud: Crimes related to mortgage fraud can include inflating income and/or assets on a mortgage application and inflating appraisals to secure larger mortgage loans.

    Each of these crimes has distinct elements, requiring different burdens of proof by the government. You need a lawyer with the knowledge, experience, and determination to analyze the evidence and present your options clearly. Your attorney should serve as your guide and advocate as you pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

    Experienced Prescott Fraud Defense Lawyer

    Defending against fraud charges is a complex process that demands an experienced attorney in Prescott who will invest significant effort into your defense. At the Law Office of Theodore Agnick, we specialize in criminal defense matters. Mr. Agnick possesses the necessary experience and dedication to provide you with a vigorous and intelligent defense against fraud charges. Call (928) 776-1782 today to schedule a free consultation.