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Prescott Precharge Lawyer

Prescott Precharge Lawyer


    For more information on pre-indictment and pre-charging representation, contact TedLaw immediately to speak with an attorney who can provide you with the guidance and protection you need.

    Pre-Indictment & Pre-Charge Representation

    Protecting Your Rights

    Understanding the importance of pre-indictment representation is crucial if you are under investigation or anticipate being charged with a crime in Prescott. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney before charges are filed can potentially put an end to a police investigation and prevent any charges from being brought against you.

    In most criminal cases, once a police report is filed, the case is assigned to a detective who initiates an investigation by:

    1. Reviewing gathered information
    2. Attempting to contact and interrogate the suspect
    3. Conducting surveillance and questioning suspicious individuals

    The goal of Prescott police interrogations and surveillance techniques is to elicit statements that can be used against the suspect in court. Detectives often label interrogations as “interviews” and create a rapport with the suspect, aiming to persuade them to waive their Miranda rights (the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney) and engage in conversation. These interrogations can last for hours, with every word potentially used against you.

    How Can a Pre-Charging Lawyer in Prescott Help You?

    When you seek representation from the legal team at TedLaw during the investigation stage, our first step is to shield you from direct police contact. Our attorneys will communicate with the investigators to make it clear that you are represented by counsel. We will also assess any requests for interrogations, evaluations, or tests, ensuring that you protect your rights and interests.

    In addition to preventing police contact and safeguarding your rights, our legal team evaluates police techniques, such as confrontation calls, requests for biological evidence, and wiretaps. This allows us to advise you on potential risks and how the police might build a case against you. Furthermore, we establish contact with the prosecutor responsible for assessing your case for official charges.

    By directly communicating with the charging attorney, our lawyers advocate for your position and present compelling arguments against official charges. We emphasize the lack of evidence or the reasonable unlikelihood of conviction at trial, urging the prosecutor to act in the interest of justice.

    At TedLaw, our defense team evaluates the allegations against you and engages in direct discussions with the prosecutor regarding appropriate charges, if any. For instance, if the police recommend felony charges, but the facts support misdemeanor charges, our attorneys will address these discrepancies with the prosecutor, maximizing the chance of avoiding overcharging.

    Act Quickly and Secure a Prescott Pre-Indictment Attorney

    Once charges are filed, it becomes challenging to persuade a prosecutor to dismiss the case or rectify any mistakes made during the investigation and charging phases. Moreover, the accused faces severe consequences, including pretrial incarceration without bond or bail, the burden of posting bail, and the need to fight their case in a jury trial. Many of these hardships can be avoided by enlisting the expertise of a competent attorney before charges are brought.