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Prescott Sex Crimes Lawyer

Prescott Sex Crimes Lawyer


    If you or a loved one face sex offense accusations, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. Schedule a free consultation with one of our defense lawyers to discuss your case and explore your options. We offer flexible payment plans and special discounts. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you.

    Experienced Prescott Sex Crimes Lawyer

    Sex crimes are among the most serious offenses in Prescott Arizona, carrying severe penalties, even for minor incidents that don’t involve bodily harm. If you’re facing sex crime charges, you don’t have to face them alone. Turn to the skilled Prescott sex crimes attorneys at TedLaw. With nearly 30 years of experience and thousands of cases handled, we have the expertise to fight your allegations.

    Defense Against False Accusations

    False allegations are unfortunately common in sex crime cases, often stemming from anger, bitterness, fear, or confusion. A conviction requires evidence that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Our experienced defense team employs various strategies to challenge sex crime charges, including:

    1. Insufficient Evidence
    2. Tainted Evidence
    3. Mistaken Identity
    4. Consent
    5. Innocence
    6. Mental Illness
    7. Illegal Search & Seizure of Evidence

    Child Pornography: ARS §13-3553

    In Arizona, the law (ARS §13-3553) classifies sexual exploitation of a minor, or child pornography, as a serious offense. Charges can be filed if an individual knowingly records, films, photographs, or shows a minor engaged in sexual conduct, or distributes sexually explicit material involving a minor. Sexual exploitation of a minor is a class 2 felony, with more severe penalties for cases involving victims under the age of 15.

    Indecent Exposure: ARS §13-1402

    Engaging in indecent exposure by exposing genitals, anus, or a woman’s breasts, with the knowledge that someone else would be offended or alarmed, can result in criminal charges. The severity of the offense depends on the age of the individual involved and prior convictions. Convictions under this statute can carry prison sentences ranging from six to 15 years.

    Sexual Abuse: ARS §13-1404

    Sexual abuse involves engaging in sexual conduct with someone without their consent. The severity of the offense varies based on the age of the victim. Sexual abuse of a person aged 15 or older is a class 5 felony, while sexual abuse of a minor is a class 3 felony.

    Sexual Assault: ARS §13-1406

    Sexual assault, a class 2 felony in Arizona, occurs when a person engages in sexual acts with someone without their consent. The penalties are even more severe if the sexual assault involves administering a drug or if the perpetrator has prior felony convictions.

    Molestation Of A Child: ARS §13-1410

    Molestation of a child refers to intentionally engaging in sexual contact with a child under the age of fifteen. This offense is a class 2 felony, with penalties determined by ARS §13-705.

    Sexual Misconduct: ARS §13-1418

    Sexual misconduct involves inappropriate behavior by behavioral health professionals, such as engaging in sexual relations with a patient after the physician-patient relationship has been dissolved. Violating this statute is a class 6 felony.

    Solicitation Of Prostitution: Prescott Municipal Code 23-52

    Prescott has its own municipal code addressing solicitation of prostitution. Anyone who offers, agrees to, commits, or solicits prostitution is guilty of a misdemeanor, typically a class 1 misdemeanor.

    Violent Sexual Assault: ARS §13-1423

    Violent sexual assault is an aggravated form of sexual assault that involves the use or threatened use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

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