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    The Probation Violation

    If a defendant has received a sentence and is currently on probation, they are obligated to adhere to all the terms and conditions of their probation. A probation violation occurs when the defendant breaches any of these terms, such as consuming alcohol, possessing a firearm, committing a new crime, failing drug tests, or failing to appear as required, among others. In such cases, the probation officer has the authority to file a “Petition to Revoke Probation” and may also issue an immediate arrest warrant for the defendant. Once arrested, the defendant will be held in custody without the option for release on bond until the probation violation proceeding is resolved.

    Being held “Non-Bondable” means that no amount of money can secure the defendant’s release. The only possible way for a defendant to be released prior to the conclusion of the probation violation proceedings is if the judge decides to release them on their own recognizance (OR). However, it’s important to note that this is a rare occurrence and typically requires the expertise of a highly skilled attorney.

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