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Operating a motor vehicle without a valid and current driver’s license is illegal in Arizona. This includes driving on a suspended or revoked license. Violating this law can result in further license suspension, fines, vehicle impoundment, and even potential jail time. If you face charges for driving on a suspended license, consult a criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale.

Understanding Suspended Licenses:

Drivers on Arizona’s public roads must possess valid licenses. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), Section 28-3473, makes it illegal to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway if the driver’s privilege to drive is suspended, revoked, canceled, or refused. It is also against the law to operate a motor vehicle while disqualified from driving.

A suspended license in Arizona entails the temporary removal of driving privileges. It is an administrative action taken for certain crimes or offenses, such as excessive points on the license, alcohol-related crimes, moving violations, or failure to pay a ticket or appear in court. Infractions like delinquent child support and other criminal convictions can also lead to suspension.

Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License:

Violating ARS 28-3473 is a class 1 misdemeanor, carrying potential severe penalties, including vehicle impoundment for up to 30 days, up to six months in jail, up to three years of probation, fines up to $2,500, and additional license suspension or revocation. While jail time is rare for a first offense, it is a possibility for repeat offenders or those with prior criminal/driving records, leading prosecutors to seek more severe penalties.

Getting Your Driving Privileges Reinstated:

If your license gets suspended, you’ll receive a notice by mail at your last known address. This notice will contain instructions on how to reinstate your driver’s license and when you can do so. Unfortunately, some people may miss these notices, leading to accidental violations of ARS 28-3473.

Common Defenses:

If you’re arrested for driving on a suspended license in Arizona, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Ted Law immediately. They can help you understand your rights and explore defense strategies to dismiss your charges or reduce penalties. Defense strategies may include lack of criminal intent (lack of knowledge of driving on a suspended license), improper notification by the MVD, no evidence of driving, and constitutional rights violations. Call (602) 453-3100 for a free initial case evaluation.

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